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Ledge is a 2d platforming action adventure rpg. Ledge offers the fast-paced gameplay of a shooter bristling with procedurally generated weapons and matching level-up mechanics and narrative of an RPG.

  • Platforming shooter
  • Narrative emphasis
  • Procedurally generated weapons
  • Unique boss battles
  • Open source world creator and extensible engine


A ledge is a protrusion from a vertical wall, proportional to the size of a small country. Every such area evolved independently due to this unique feature, causing geographic and societal isolation. The land and people grew up, with distinct technologies, religion, ethos, and materials. This, in turn, caused different people groups to excel in different ways. The land most advanced scientifically and blessed with natural resources evolved to be able to travel across ledges, bringing economic growth, science, and law. For those ledges deemed advanced enough, after meeting specific criteria, the advanced ledges reach out and are more or less accepted by each receiving ledge.


The three topmost ledges on the wall are named East, Central, and West. These three nation-states boast the most natural resources, land area, population base, and proximity to other two ledges, and as such were the first to master cross-ledge travel and eventually built two large bridges, joining Central to East and West. They created a council to preside over cross-ledge affairs, and decided upon the criteria for incorporating other ledges into their advanced society. This criteria was defined to include all ledges which had the ability to cross between ledges. This implicitly disallowed for interacting with ledges that have not reached that stage of maturity scientifically, granting them an "innocence" stage of sorts, which all council members agreed on being just and benevolent.

Note from developer:

I've loved laboring on ledge, but I want to seek new projects. It is 23.8% story-line complete. It is fun, funny, quirky, and roughly 1.5 hours of gameplay. I hope to come back and add the rest slowly, but no promises. Three years is a long time for anyone :). It is easily extendable with world editor etc. Hope you all enjoy it!

System Requirements

Java 8+

Intel Core 2 Duo processor or comparable

2GB ram

Suggested: Discrete video card, 1.5GB video memory




world editor


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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